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If you applied via our Call Centre you can upload your documentation and download your loan contract here.

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Up to R2500 quick cash for the things that just can't wait!

Up to R5000 quick cash for the things that just can’t wait!


Whether you’re short of a little change or need to make a quick change with a small amount of cash, we make it happen fast!
Not everything in life can wait, and with a loan approval at the tip of your fingers, why should you?

Why Us?

Life moves at a rapid pace so we understand the need for a quick loan without the fuss. With our short term unsecured loan solution, you can borrow up to R5000 over 6 months without you ever setting foot in a branch or signing a ton of paper work.

How do you get an InstaLoan?


1. Decide how much you want and how long you need for repayment.

3. Once you’ve applied we’ll process your application and let you know immediately if you’ve been approved.

4. Sign your loan agreement online.

5. Upload your 3 most recent bank statements.

6. Receive an SMS or email telling you your money has been sent.

We make repayment simple

Paying back a loan should be as easy as getting one, right? We offer flexible methods of payment to make sure that we’re still saving you time.
We deduct monthly instalments from your bank account so that you don’t have to worry about making deposits or falling behind on payments.
If you want to make additional payments to your loan, you can. Here’s how:

  • Pay at any Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, Woolworths or Boxer using your personal EasyPay reference number
  • Pay via EFT using internet or cell phone banking
  • Deposit into our bank account at any FNB branch

Want to pay off your loan early? No problem. You will be able to without incurring any additional cost.