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If you applied via our Call Centre you can upload your documentation and download your loan contract here.

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R 2500

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Interest and fees as per regulations set out in NCA.

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  • How to Apply?

    Life can be demanding and there’s no time for long queues and calls. That’s why we’ve made our whole application process an online experience.

    All you have to do is decide how much you want and when to pay using our quick loan calculator then simply click to apply!

    Once you’ve completed our 5-minute online application and your loan’s been approved, we’ll ask you to sign the contract online and upload your 3 recent bank statements.

    You’ll receive payment into your account immediately after that!

  • What are the costs?

    With us, what you see is what you get. Once you’ve calculated how much you want and over how long you want to pay it back using our loan calculator, the repayment amount you see is the amount you’ll pay back.

    Our loans are completely transparent and our interest and fees are in line with the NCA regulations. We charge a fixed monthly interest rate of 5% over the duration of your loan.

  • How do I repay?

    We make it easy for you to repay your loan by deducting your monthly instalment from your bank account on your repayment date via debit order. You tell us when you would like your instalment date to be.

    Please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your bank account on your repayment day to cover your debit order so that you don’t incur additional charges. If the bank declines the debit order you may incur penalty fees from your bank and additional interest on your loan.


InstaLoan in partnership with MTN, is an international tech-based financial services company that aims to bring instant loans to those who need money in a short space of time. We understand that convenience and speed is important to you, and when doing anything online, so is privacy and security. That’s why we communicate with you through a secure online process, making borrowing a less invasive and lengthy experience while ensuring that your personal information is secure. Want to know more?


Loan Amount Period Interest Rate Initiation Fee Service Fee Interest on Loan APR
R 3000 90 days 3% R 416.10 R 205.20 R 347.16 110%

InstaLoan South Africa offers a fixed monthly interest rate over the duration of your loan of 5% for new customers and 3% for existing customers.

We offer loans of up to R5000.00 and with a minimum payment period of 61 days and a maximum payment of 180 days. Min APR of 110%. Max APR of 248%.

As a customer over a 90 day period with a loan amount of R3000.00 you will pay R416.10 initiation fee, R205.20 service fee and R347.16 interest on the loan amount. Your total repayment will be R3968.46. All fees are VAT inclusive. APR of 110%.