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Instant loans for people with big lives and little time.

Instant loans for people with big lives and little time.

Who We Are

InstaLoan is a service of Cash Credit, an international tech-based financial services company.
We’re also a trusted MTN partner, providing small loans to South Africans in a secure and convenient way.
Whatever your life needs, we offer convenient small loans. So if you just need extra rands in your hands, we’ll make it happen in less than 6 minutes.


Our mission is simple: To help you get what you need without a long and invasive application process.
To make this happen we’ve come up with an automated approval and payment process that prevents you from having to deal with any middle men or agents.
Our credit scoring system is innovative and efficient enough to make sure that you get quick and accurate results.


Our vision consists of these main values:

Sustainability – We aim to ensure that we give you good service consistently.

Trustworthiness and Transparency – We make sure we give you all the information you need and will gladly help you with anything that’s unclear.

Social Responsibility – In keeping with our corporate values and professional beliefs, we work with a range of long-term and ongoing social projects, because we know that every business is responsible to continually improve the environment in which it operates.

Visionary Attitude – Just like you have a need for progress, so do we! We’re focused on growth and development and continuously strive to improve our company model.

Deliverability – We are purposeful in completing our promises, arrangements and goals. Accomplishing and delivering our targets, and creating the highest benefit for our clients, partners and investors is our priority.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cash Credit is a microcredit company with strict policies on corporate social responsibility regarding our employees, partners, and customers. That’s why we strictly observe the conditions under which we provide loans:

We do not provide loans to anyone under 18 years old, since we believe a good financial culture and life experience are required in order to be able to manage your personal finances.

We provide all applicants with full and transparent information about the conditions and parameters of loans prior to the actual contract.

We treat our customers equally and provide equal opportunity to all to apply and receive the desired amount in a timely manner.

We perform all required checks to prove the accuracy of data received.

We undertake the necessary actions to confirm the identity of credit applicants.

We handle all personal data of our customers responsibly.

We provide all customers with the legal right to repay their loans partially or fully without additional financial burdens.

We charge interest rates on the amount only for the period during which the customer has actually used the loan.

We notify our customers in a timely manner, through SMS, about upcoming and/or delayed instalments on all credits, or in the case of any legal changes in the general terms and conditions.

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